Drone Roofing Inspection LA

  • Drone Roofing Inspection Service
  • Drone Roofing Inspection Service
  • Drone Roofing Inspection Service
  • Drone Roofing Inspection Service
Quality Drone Roof evaluation in Los Angeles

Drone roof inspection

Newhaus Roofing is a premier Licensed roofing company in Southern California, and a member of TRI and NRCA. With over 25 years in drone roofing industry.

For safety purposes, the Los Angeles government has specific roofing codes and regulations. Each location has its own unique roofing code as every place is different from one another.

Due to the diverse range of climatic conditions in Los Angeles, roof damage is quite common. Drone roof inspections are highly efficient and quick for all types of roofing materials.

Choose Newhaus Roofing for drone inspection in Los Angeles, with a team of skilled professionals and use latest drone technology. We ensure the most accurate roof inspections, repairs, and maintenance. Our drone services help in save time, money, and ensure the roof durability.

Newhaus Roofing

Specialities of Drone Newhaus Roofing


Early detection

Drone roof inspections are capable of detecting the damage at an early stage, thereby prevents future roofing problems.
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Quick completion

Drone roof inspection saves time, by quick roof inspection, by reducing the need for manual inspections and surveys.
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Accurate data

Newhaus Roofing offers comprehensive drone roofing inspection with detailed analysis of your roof condition.
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Drone Roofing System in Los Angeles

Types of Drone Roof Services

At Newhaus Roofing, we offer a range of drone roof inspections for residential and commercial roofs in Los Angeles, with our team of experienced professionals utilizes advance drone technology. We provide the most accurate and efficient drone roof services for all types roofing materials.

Drone Roof Inspection : Our professional drone roof inspection provides a detailed report of your roof's condition, including the roof defects, damages, or degradation.

Drone Roof Maintenance : Regular roof maintenance is essential to extend roof’s durability. At Newhaus Roofing, we offer accurate roof maintenance through our drone roof services, which ultimately enhance the durability of roofs.

Drone Roof Repairs : We offer drone roof repair services, quickly identify the cause of leaks and other roofing problems, resolving it quick and by saving money on costly repairs in the future.

Solar Panel Inspection : Our drone roof services identify any issues with solar panels, ensuring they don't cause damage to your roof. Detailed images and videos help us detect problems easily.

Drone Roofing Los Angeles
Drone Roofing Services

Expert Drone Assessment

With a deep understanding, Newhaus Roofing specializes in drone roof inspections in Los Angeles, along with free roof inspection by financial assistance for your project.
By choosing the licensed drone roof specialist in Los Angeles, can help us to detect a range of roof issues for all types of roofs like tile, shingle, flat, metal in all kinds of weather condition.
Therefore, choose Newhaus Roofing, for all types of drone roof inspections for detection of roof repairs to maintenance, such as leaks, cracks, and improper roof installation.
We thoroughly detect, maintenance or repair by using advanced drone roof technology combined with our expert roofing techniques. many more regardless the climatic condition.
Roofing inspection by drone
Los Angeles quick roof evaluations

Benefits of Drone Inspections

There are various reasons, why drone inspections are advantages;
  • Drone inspections of roofs are faster and more efficient than traditional inspections.
  • Drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras to detect major and minor roof issues.
  • Drone roof inspection are more expensive than traditional roof inspection but they are more efficient and accurate.
  • Drone roof has many benefits of technology, saving time, increase accuracy, and safety make it a worthwhile investment.
Commercial & residential Drone Inspectors

Expert Drone Roofers

Drone roof inspections are popular and effective way to inspect commercial and residential roofs. By using advance drone technology, we can inspect the large rooftops, whereas it is difficult and dangerous to inspect with traditional methods. Drone inspections are more efficient and accurate. At Newhaus Roofing, we offer quick and safe drone inspections of rooftops through the capture of high-resolution images and videos in Los Angeles. Thereafter, Our Roofing professionals thoroughly analyze the images and videos to identify potential issues such as leaks, damage, cracks and brittle.

Drone Experts of Newhaus Roofing


Newhaus Roofing offers high-resolution images and videos of roofs, regardless of the height, location, or size of the roofs as we prioritize quality services.


With over 25 years of experience, Newhaus Roofing has expertise in offering drone roof inspection services in Los Angeles for all types of roofs.


We provide our customers with a 100% accurate drone roof report with detailed analysis of the roof condition from durability to major damages.

Quick & Efficient

Newhaus Roofing, with skilled team workmanship, we provide quick and efficient drone roof inspection regardless the weather conditions.
Newhaus Roofing Drone roof services

Drone Roof Analysis

Newhaus Roofing with a wealth of knowledge, we provide comprehensive drone roof inspections in Los Angeles.
We identifying the complex roof repair or replacement issues regardless of the size and location, our team of professionals detect the cause of roof damage.
We provide analyzed report of the roof condition. Drone inspections are accurate and quick, this saves time and money of the homeowners.
Therefore, choose Newhaus Roofing for your drone roofing inspection in Los Angeles. Our drone roof inspectors detect roof issues early to prevent additional expenses, using our expert knowledge of the roofing industry to ensure the longevity of your roof.
Drone Roof Inspection