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Tile roofs with their long-lasting durability, adds elegance to homes and property, especially in regions with bright sun exposure and occasional rains. Recognizing the importance of proper installation, we at Newhaus Roofing offer quality tile roofing services in Burbank with variety of colors and styles.

Our roofing contractors begin with free roof inspection to provide affordable tile roof installation, repairand replacement services. Tile roofs have natural insulating properties to properly regulate indoor temperatures. With less maintenance requirements, our roofers provide customized advice for roof maintenance based on its size and shape. Choose Newhaus Roofing Company to handle all types of tile roofing processes in Burbank and receive warranties onmaterials and workmanship.

The Burbank Tile Roofers

Tile Roof Installation Process


Roof Inspection

Our tile roofing contractors inspect the existing roof to identify damages & requirements.
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Material Selection

Choose the most suitable roofing material from various colours, design and its durability.
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Tile Installation

We adhere to strict safety protocols to ensure quality tile roofing installation process.
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  • Roof Repair
  • Estimation
  • Maintenance
Tile roof installer in Burbank

Emergency Tile Roof Repair

If you identify leaks or any patched areas in your roof, to maintain safety and ensure the integrity of the interior of your building, contact Newhaus Roofing. Acknowledging the importance of quick repairs to avoid future damages, we offer 24/7 emergency tile roof repair in Burbank.

Our trained professionals properly fix issues caused by storms, broken tiles from trees, structural problems, flashing repairs. We use the emergency tarping method to prevent further water intrusion until permanent repairs are made. At your convenience, schedule a quick tile roofing assessment with Newhaus Roofing in Burbank, CA. We operate every day, including public holidays or even in bright sunny days.

Roof Estimation - Burbank

Free Tile Roofing Estimation

Newhaus Roofing provides free tile roofing estimate by accurately measuring the roof's size and structure.
Based on current market rates for tile roofing services in the Burbank area and your selection of materials, we offer affordable quote covering labor, underlayment, flashing and ventilation.
Roofing Maintenance - Burbank

Professional Tile Roof Maintenance

Your roof safeguards your home from weather-related disasters and it is very important to maintain it regularly. To increase the longevity of roofs, Newhaus Roofers provide professional tile roof maintenance in Burbank by removing mold and debris through cleanup. We inspect flashings around chimneys and vents for leaks during our roof maintenance.
Free & Accurate Tile Roof inspections

Commercial Roofing Contractors

Understanding California commercial roofing codes is essential for safety. The licensed commercial roofing contractors of Newhaus Roofing offer reliable tile roofing services for hotelswarehouses and other commercial properties in Burbank. We carefully assess roof slope requirements before starting the roofing process.
Without disrupting your business hours, you can contact us based on your convenience. Following that, we complete the repair or installation on the given timeline. Ensuring durability, we specialize in providing structural support using all types of tile roof materials. Choose our professionals for new tile roof installations, replacing existing roofs or improving your commercial property's structure based on your budget.

Residential Tile Roofers in Burbank

For construction and roofing processes, there are certain building codes for residential properties in Burbank that must be maintained.
Our residential tile roofers at Newhaus consider climatic conditions to offer tile roofing services for your homes with distinct architectural styles.
When installing tile roofs, we use materials approved for fire resistance and suitability. Our tile roofing contractor also fix broken or cracked tile roofs on your home's roof.
Tile roofing inspection necessary?

Financial Roofing Assistance

Tile roofs are incredibly in demand for their durable nature to withstand harsh weather conditions. Roofing is a significant investment, but it is a necessary one’s safety and protection. At Newhaus Roofing, we provide financial assistance, guiding you to affordable roofing materials. After the assessment, we suggest the most suitable financial options from home equity loans, personal loanand government loans.
Residentials & Commercial Flat Roofers

Tile Roof Replacement

Due to aging or major roof damages, replacement becomes the best solution. At Newhaus Roofing, we offer assured tile roof replacement services in Burbank.Before starting the roofing layer, we safely remove the old or broken roof.With variations in color, formand style, we carefully replace the new tile roof for your property for improved aesthetics.
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Types of Tile Roofing Materials

We provide roofing services for all types of tile roofing materials in Burabnk.

Clay Tile

With 15 to 30 years of durability and a water-resistant barrier, clay tiles come in a variety of colors and styles.

Concrete Tile

Being popular choice of homeowners, concrete tile roofing withstands extreme weather conditions.

Slate Tile

Slate tile roofing offers long lasting solution, as it is made of nature slate made from natural rocks.

Metal Roof Tiles

Metal roofs are in high demand due to their lightweight andvariety of designs in different colors.
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Tile Roofing Company in Burbank

With over 26 years of roofing expertise Newhaus Roofing is a tile roofing company in Burabnk. For every type of commercial or residential roof, we provide tile roofing services that include tile roof installation, tile roof replacementand tile roof repair in Burbank. With clear communication, our local expertise produces affordable roofing costs within the budget constraints of our customers. We only use high-quality materials and provide warranty on the durability of all our tile roofing solutions. Considering the local climate, we also offer maintenance tips to improve and sustain the aesthetics and longevity of tile roofs.