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Newhaus Roofing offers expert roof repair services for all types of roofing materials throughout Southern California. We are a licensed roofing company, with over 25 years of expertise.

As Los Angeles experiences a variety of climatic conditions, including intense sunlight, high temperatures, occasional heavy rains, and the threat of natural disasters such as earthquakes and wildfires.

Over time, these weather conditions are determined to impact on the quality of your roof which leads to tear, leaks, cracks and other roof damage which requires regular roof repairs or roof inspection.

Therefore, choose Newhaus Roofing for quality roof repair services in Los Angeles, we offer free and professional roof inspection along with financial assistance for your roofing project.

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We offer affordable roof repair services to fit your budget, by providing cost-effective options.
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We guarantee excellent workmanship and client satisfaction with every roof repair service.
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We provide a wide roof repair services for wide variety of roofing materials in Los Angeles.
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Types of Roof Repair Services

Newhaus Roofing offers range of roof repair services in Los Angeles, with over 25 years of experience. There are various types of roof repair, these are common types of roof services.

“Leak repair services” are crucial for identifying and resolving the source of leaks, as they can cause significant issues. "Flashing repair” focuses on inspecting and repairing or replacing the flashing material to prevent water penetration. “Roof structural repair” addresses structural issues like sagging, rotting wood, or damaged roof decking, reinforcing or replacing damaged components to restore stability. “Skylight repair” services focus on fixing leaks and damaged seals, ensuring proper sealing and functionality. “Gutter repair” involves fixing leaks, unclogging or replacing damaged gutters, and ensuring proper water flow to prevent water damage. “Regular roof maintenance” such as inspections, cleaning, resealing, and minor repairs, help prevent major issues and extend the roof's lifespan. Choose Newhaus Roofing team contractorsto accurately determine the roof issues.

Roofing Repair Services in Los Angeles

Commercial Roof Repair Specialist

Commercial roof repairs in Los Angeles come with various challenges, from working on expansive roof surfaces to navigating complex rooftop equipment, all while minimizing disruptions to business operations. At Newhaus Roofing, we prioritize compliance with safety regulations and meeting specific requirements. Our team excels at overcoming these challenges to provide effective repair solutions for commercial properties.
Common Home Roofing Problems

Residential Roofing in Los Angeles

The common problems faced by homeowners from roof leaks to damaged shingles issues with flashing and deteriorating underlayment. Our Newhaus Roofing specialist team provides comprehensive residential roof repair services to restore the functionality of your residential roof in Los Angeles.
Efficient Roofing Services

Quick Roof Repair Solution

Newhaus Roofing provides expedited roof repair services in Los Angeles, prioritizing timely repairs without any unnecessary delays. We understand the significance of addressing roofing issues quickly to prevent further damage and avoid additional expenses. Neglecting small damages caused by unexpected situations like extreme weather conditions may potentially result in more extensive damage and higher repair costs.
Protecting Your Roof

With Expertise and Warranty

Regardless of the cause of the roof damage, our team of professionals at Newhaus Roofing is dedicated to efficiently completing projects. We closely observe and address the specific damage using high-quality roofing materials and advanced technology. Additionally, we provide warranties for our roof repair services to ensure satisfaction of our customers.
Roof repair services in LA
Professional Roof Repair services

Licensed Roofers in Los Angeles

Newhaus Roofing has a team of licensed roofers in Los Angeles, providing roof repair services for various types of roofing style and materials. Due to the diverse range of weather conditions, roofs eventually get damaged, such as leaks, damaged roof, or structural damage. Therefore, roof repair services are very important as they help to maintain the structural integrity of the roof, ensuring the stability and long-term durability of roofs. While it is important to have frequent roofing inspections to spot issues early and reduce future costs.
Unfortunately, not all roofing inspections conducted by professionals in Los Angeles are free and accurate. Therefore, choose Newhaus Roofing, our team of roofers approaches roof repair by conducting a free and thorough roof inspection. To identify and develop effective repair strategies using quality roof materials and techniques in Los Angeles.
Licenced Roofers in Los Angeles
Free Roof inspection Los Angeles

Repairing Process

The process of roof repair typically involves the following four steps:
  • Inspection: We thoroughly inspect the roof to assess damage and identify underlying roof issues.
  • Identification: Post inspection, we identify the specific problems and determine the appropriate roof repairs needed.
  • Roof Repair: By utilizing quality roofing materials and the latest tools, we ensure to resolve roof repair effectively.
  • Quality check: After completing the repairs, a final quality check is performed to ensure the roof is in proper condition.
Benefits of Newhaus Roof services

Roof Repair Services

Unpredictable roofing emergencies can occur unexpectedly. In such conditions, it is crucial to quickly seek the assistance of professionals. Roof repair services offer several benefits such as, preventing further potential leaks, protecting the interior of the home from water damage. It ensures the safety as well as security of your home and helps to minimize roof damage to restore the stability of your roof.
Moreover, roof repairs enhance energy efficiency by sealing gaps and improving insulation, resulting in potential energy savings. Therefore, choose Newhaus Roofing for your roof repair services in Los Angeles.
Roofing Repair Experts in Los Angeles

Newhaus Roofing Experts


Newhaus Roofing offers quality roof repair services for all types of roofing materials, we ensure the longevity of your roof buildings in Los Angeles.


With over 25 years of experience, Newhaus Roofing has expertise in the roofing industry of Los Angeles dealing with all types of roofs.


Newhaus Roofing offers competitive pricing and exceptional value, providing assurance to our roof repair services.

Financial assistance

Newhaus Roofing, with a team of expert roofers, we provide free final assistance for repairing your building's damaged roof in Los Angeles.
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Specialist in Roof Repair

With profound knowledge, Newhaus Roofing has skilled roof repair specialist who provide the best comprehensive roof repair services in Los Angeles.
We offer professional financial advice for all types of roof repairs. Our professional roofers use the quality materials to effectively complete the roof repair and guarantee you an excellent durable roof.
Therefore, choose Newhaus Roofing to repair your damaged roof appropriately since we maintain a strong emphasis on quality and client satisfaction.
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