Synthetic Roof Underlayment LA

Synthetic roof underlayment
Synthetic roof underlayment
Synthetic roof underlayment
Synthetic roof underlayment
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Synthetic roof underlayment

At Newhaus Roofing we offer synthetic roof underlayment services throughout Southern California. With 25 years of experience, we are licensed roofing company in Los Angeles, we provide free roof inspection along with financial assistance.

Los Angeles experiences a Mediterranean climate with dry summers and occasional heavy rainfalls during the winter months. Synthetic underlayment acts as an additional barrier between the roof covering such as shingles, flat or tiles and the underlying roof deck, providing protection against water intrusion. It helps prevent leaks and keeps the roof structure dry, reducing the risk of rot and other water-related damage.

Newhaus Roofing is a premier choice for synthetic roof underlayment services in Los Angeles. Our team of professional roofers follows all the roofing regulations and use quality synthetic roofing materials.

We offer an extensive range of synthetic roofing materials with various colors and qualities, providing unparalleled excellence in synthetic roof underlayment services.

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Synthetic roofing sector

Newhaus Roofing has over 25 years of experience in Synthetic roof underlayment industry, providing comprehensive roof underlayment roofing services in Los Angeles.

The synthetic underlayment industry is growing quickly due to the increasing demand and its advantages over traditional felt underlayment.

Its popular in residential and commercial roofs for its durability, moisture resistance, lightweight design, and fire resistance. The synthetic manufacturer industry offers diverse roofing materials made up off polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyester making it eco-friendly roof material.

Whereas the technological advancements have enhanced the synthetic roof’s strength and performance. Thus, the synthetic roof underlayment industry continues to evolve to meet the roofing market demands for its durability and sustainability.

Choose the expertise team of roofers at Newhaus Roofing, we offer free roof inspection to identify the damaged roof underlayment in Los Angeles.

Synthetic roofing installation
Synthetic roofing installation
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Economic benefits synthetic roofs

Synthetic roofs offer numerous economic benefits and exceptional durability, effectively resistant to insect damage and promote environmental benefits while conserve energy.



Synthetic roofs are resistant to fire, insects and are eco-friendly material.


Synthetic roofs require Low maintenance, saving repair expenses.


Synthetic roofs often come in a variety of styles, designs and colors.
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  • Roof Replacement
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Roof repair services in Los Angeles

Synthetic Roof Repair

Synthetic roofs often require repairs due to various factors. Severe weather conditions like storms and heavy snow can lead to displaced materials. Over time exposure to UV radiation can cause aging and cracking. Therefore, it is important to address any necessary repairs quickly to maintain the integrity of your synthetic roof. Hence, consult Newhaus Roofing contractors for comprehensive synthetic roof repair in Los Angeles.
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Synthetic Roof Replacement

The decision to replace a synthetic roof depends on various factors from damaging to aging causing structural issues, and personal preferences. These factors play a important role in determining the roof related issues. Thus, consult Newhaus Roofing professionals to assess the condition of your synthetic roof and receive expert guidance regarding roof replacement in Los Angeles.
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synthetic roof underlayment
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Complexities of synthetic roofs

At Newhaus Roofing, our experts professionally install synthetic roofs. Installing synthetic roofs has certain complexities compared to traditional roofing materials.
These are five highlighting complexities in installing synthetic roofs:
  • Adhesive application
  • Sealing and flashing
  • Roof ventilation
  • Roof deck preparation
  • Material compatibility
Synthetic Roof Underlayment
Newhaus Roofing Expert Roofers

Advantages of installing synthetic underlayment

Synthetic roof underlayment is used for residential and commercial properties. It has emerged as the best choice, despite the availability of various roofing options. Synthetic underlayment continues to be benefit due to its numerous factors.

    Enhanced protection

    Synthetic roof underlayment offers enhanced protection by providing superior durability. By offering protection against tears, cracks, breaks and UV damage in challenging hot summer weather conditions.

    Efficient installation

    Synthetic underlayment is not only lightweight and easy to handle but also offers time saving benefits during installation. It is a preferred choice for efficient roof installations due to larger rolls and less seams.

    Increased safety

    Synthetic underlayment has slip-resistant properties make it safer for roofers, especially on steep roofs, reducing the risk of accidents. It provides a secure workspace, ensuring enhanced safety during installations.

Best synthetic roofing contractor

As the top synthetic roof provider in Los Angeles, Newhaus Roofing is determined to offer you thorough and informative answers to any questions you may have. Those are provided below:
  • Are they licensed roofing service provider?
    Newhaus Roofing is a licensed roofing company in Los Angeles.
  • Do they have experience in installing underlayment roofs?
    Newhaus Roofing has over 25 years of expertise in synthetic roofing industry.
  • Do they provide detailed synthetic roof estimation?
    Newhaus Roofing provides free and accurate roof inspection.
  • Do they ensure proper ventilation in synthetic roof?
    Yes, with our expertise we install synthetic roof with proper ventilation.
  • What quality of synthetic roofing material they use?
    We utilize eco-friendly synthetic roof materials and ensure durability.
synthetic roof- underlayment installation
Synthetic Roof Installation in Los Angeles

Steps to install synethetic roof

Newhaus Roofing approach to installing synthetic roofs;

  • Roof inspection by experts
  • Synthetic material selection
  • Synthetic material selection
  • Roof installation by following guidelines
  • Final inspection to maintain longevity of Roof
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Free synthetic roof inspection

At Newhaus Roofing, we offer guaranteed assurance for our comprehensive synthetic roof services in Los Angeles. We ensure long-lasting results, as our professionals offer free roof inspections to identify any roof related issues and provide the required solutions.
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With Newhaus Roofing

Newhaus Roofing is a premier choice for the installation of synthetic roof underlayment in Los Angeles.
With over 25 years of combined expertise in the synthetic roofing industry, our team of expert roofers utilizes the high-quality materials with eco-friendly options.
We use the most accurate roofing techniques to ensure the longevity of synthetic roofs. Our roofing services include free roof inspections, warranty coverage for synthetic roofing and financial advice.
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