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Reliable Roofing Services

At Newhaus Roofing, we offer reliable roofing services for our customers at an affordable price. Whether small roof repairs or whole replacement, our roofers will provide the best solution for your roofs. Our team of dedicated roofers can handle both residential buildings and commercial buildings with perfection.

We strictly follow the rules and regulation for selecting roof materials and installing the roofs. With over 26 years of experience, we have more knowledgeable and experienced roofers to provide you with an outstanding roof.

Complimentary roof inspection is also offered by our company. Discussion and planning are done with the customers to understand their requirements and select the suitable roof for better satisfaction. Roof maintenance is an important process to extend the life of your roof without major damages. Warranty will be provided along with the insurances required for roofing.

  • Installation
  • Roof Coating
  • Replacement
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Advantages of New Roof Installation

Roofs play the major role in protecting any building from all climatic conditions and other damages. The advantages of a new roof installation are protection from climatic conditions, increases the exterior appearance of the building and increases the value of the property. New installation can increase the lifetime of the roof and reduces the heat transfer.
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Compton’s Roof Coating Experts

Roof coating is a reflective layer applied on the surface of the roofs to reduce the heat transfer through the roofs. It also increases the lifetime of the roof and reduces water leaks. High quality materials are used by Compton's roof coating experts to safeguard the roof from heavy rain and sunlight.
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Shingle Roof Replacement

Our roofers are experienced in inspecting and replacing a broken shingle. In the process of shingle roof replacement, old shingles are removed before installing new ones. Due to heavy rain and strong winds the roof gets damaged and starts to leak. Based on the condition, some roofs need few shingles replacement and in case of more damages the whole roof is replaced.
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Benefits of Roof Restoration

Roofing expertise

Roof restoration by adding additional layers can reduce the amount of wastage from removing old damaged roofs.

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Restoration process done by our roofers will be durable and long lasting with increased protection hot climates.

Roofing Assurance

It helps you to identify the possible damages and major issues that decreases the efficiency of your roofs.

Quality Roofing

Our roofers will help you regain the property value and outer appearance with improved efficiency at lower price.
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Roof Repair Specialists

To increase the lifetime of the roof and avoid major damages, proper maintenance by our experts is necessary. Our roof repair specialists can restore the original condition of your roof with a better style. Inspection is the first step to identify the issues such as leaks, shingle damages, flashing issues, airvent issues and moisture damages. Due to heavy rain the roofs may get damaged and starts to leak, due to strong winds the shingles gets displaced. We have experienced roofers to repairs such damages and we are also available 24/7 for emergency repairs. Gutter repairs caused due to snowfall are also performed by our roofers to remove the clogged gutters and ensure proper water flow.
Damages and issues that are inspected and found at an early stage can be repaired to avoid major issues that results in costly replacements. Repairs and maintenance offered by our repair specialists will increase the quality and longevity of your roofs.
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Experienced Roofing Contractors

In Compton, we have experienced roofing contractors for all types of roofing projects. Our roofing experts has many years of experience with roof installation, maintenance, replacement and repairs in both residential and commercial buildings.
From the beginning of inspection till the final completion of roofing, our roofers will put great effort to get a satisfactory result. We use quality materials and stick to all the rules and regulation. Newhaus Roofing specialists give truthful description of the budget and warranties for roofing.
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Newhaus’s Commercial Roofing

A proper roof is the priority for any type of commercial building, our roofing team will provide the ideal roof for your building at an affordable price. We will customize our roofing solutions to meet every demand of the customers. Commercial buildings have more specific needs with the materials used and our roofers are skilled in fulfilling such requirements. It includes roof installation, repair and maintenance of the roofs. As these buildings has larger areas for roofing, it is complicated than residential buildings. Newhaus’s commercial roofing professionals can handle any type of complexity and provides the best roofs.
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Residential Roofing Services

A well-constructed roof is essential for complete home protection against the elements. At Newhaus Roofing, we understand the importance of a reliable roof in shielding your property and loved ones from heavy rain, scorching heat, and more. Our residential roofing services provide roof installation, repairs, and maintenance customized to homes and apartments. We carefully select materials based on durability, cost-effectiveness, heat resistanceand aesthetic appeal, ensuring your roof not only lasts but also improve the overall look of your property.
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Professional Roofing Company

Newhaus Roofing is a professional roofing company in Compton having a well-trainedteam of roofers. Our team uses high quality materials and gives the best roofing solution for residential and commercial buildings. We specialize dealing with asphalt shingle roofs and flat roofs offering a cost-effective and durable solution for residential and commercial properties.
At our company we offer varieties of roofing methods to plan with the customers and select the suitable material.