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Licensed Roofing Contractors

At Newhaus Roofing Company, we have licensed roofing contractors who have acquired all the required licenses for roofing. Our contractors are experienced in the process of new roof installation, roof replacement, roof repair and roof maintenance services. High quality materials are chosen by our team for roofing to provide flawless and long-lasting roofs for your buildings.

Newhaus Roofing experts in Downey follow roofing rules and regulation strictly while roofing. We serve our customers with the best of our knowledge to provide them with a good outcome for their roofs.

The Downey Flat Roofers

Roof Installation process


Complete Inspection

The first step of roof installation process is to inspect the size of the building where the new roof is to be installed..
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Laying Strong Installation

Installing underlayment is the important step as it protects the property from water leaks and gives a good foundation.
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Safety Assurance

Our team is experienced in laying shingles. Flashings and air vents are installed to protect the roof from moisture.
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Home Remodeling

Local Roofing Company

Our team has over 26 years of experience in this field of work. NewhausRoofing is a local roof company in Downey with skilled professionals.To help you in achieving a perfectly finished roof, we provide professionally free estimationfor your roofing needs. We take care of minor issues in your roofs to major transformation.

Best roofing solutions are given for a good exterior look for your roof. Early identification of your roof damages can be repaired with low cost and saves your roof from major damages. You can trust our roofers with new roof installation, repairs, replacements, and maintenance services.

Gutter installation which is necessary to safeguard your roof from water stagnation is offered by our professionally trained workers. Customer satisfaction is our priority in the process. We discuss and plan the suitable type of roof for your buildings.

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Change Roof to Prevent Damages

Damaged Shingle Replacement

Due to heavy winds the shingles on your roof gets affected. Our roofers are experienced in the process of damaged shingle replacements. Finding the damaged shingles and replacing at early stages can reduce your repairing cost. Unnoticed shingle damages lead to water leaks and other damages.

Perfect Solution with Advanced Roofing Services

Drone Inspection Specialists

We use advanced technologies like drones for easier and complete inspection for your roofs. Our drone inspection specialists have experience in inspecting and repairing every issue present. Early detection and replacement can be cost effective and time saving. Experts from Downey will bring back the original beauty back to your roof.
Roofing Process - Downey

Commercial and Residential Roofing

At Newhaus Roofing, our professionals are highly qualified to provide you with a long-lasting and durable roof that enhances the exterior appearance of your property. Our skilled roofing experts specialize in commercial and residential roofing solutions. Using advanced equipment, we ensure strong and stable roofing services by efficiently handling all roofing materials.

Advanced Drone Inspections
Professional Roofing Solution

Roof Repair Experts

Repairs that are identified at an early stage can be cost effective and avoids major damages to the property. We at Newhaus Roofing offer repairing services like water leak repair, shingle replacement, flashing repairs, gutter repairs, airvent repairs, roof coating repairs and ridge cover repairs. Our roof repair experts are always available to provide emergency services by handling repairs from minor damages to major issues that are complex with much efforts and perfection.
You can trust Newhaus Roofing with quality roofing solutions for your roofs. Reroofing can be done if the issues are identified when it is smaller, new roof is placed above the existing roofs to increase the durability of the roofs.
Expert Roof Repair Services

Benefits of Re-roofing

Re roofing is a low-cost process where the existing roofs are not removed. Our experts make sure to clean the roofs and remove broken shingles. This helps in increasing the value of your property. It increases the lifetime of your roofs and gives extra protection for the building.
Reconstructing Roof in Downey
Expert Roof Installation in Downey

Experienced Gutter Installers

Gutter installation is the major need for a perfect roof, as it helps in avoiding water stagnation. Cleaning the gutter regularly can reduce damage and save your money from replacement. Gutter services are also provided by our experts in Downey, during snow falls the gutters gets clogged and stop the water flow. Pleasing roofing solutions are provided by our experienced gutter installers to increase the longevity of your roof and needs only less maintenance.
Residentials & Commercial Roofers

Newhaus Roofing Services

Performing various types of roofing methods with safety, we at Newhaus Roofing offer roofing services in Downey. From smallest repairs to whole replacement, our team will work diligently for the best outcome. We offer you with roof repairs, drone inspection, roof replacement, reroofing, new roof installation. Damages at an early stage will be found and repaired by our roofers to reduce costly replacements. To ensure long term durability, we only use high quality materials.
The Best Roofing Services in Downey

Types of Advanced Roofing

Cool Roofs

We use reflective coatings made with good materials for reflecting the sun light and reduces the heat entering into your property.

Solar Roofs

Advanced roofing process includes solar roofs that has photovoltaic panels attached to the roof for energy conservation.

Green Roofs

Experts use green roofs to enhance the appearance of the roof. It allows you to grow plants on the roof tops and reduce heat.
Affordable Roofing Service In Downey
Roof Repair and Replacements

Affordable Roofers in Downey

All kinds of roofing services are offered by our affordable roofers of Newhausin Downey. We do not let our customers into heavy debts, that is why we give them a free estimation for their roofs to plan the roofing process.
Our roofers discuss the methods with the customers to understand their requirements and select the suitable roof to fulfil their needs.