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Reliable Roof Technician

With over 26 years of experience in providing roof-related services for all types of commercial and residential buildings in Silver Triangle. Our Newhaus Roofing has a team of reliable roof technician to handle every time roof repairs from leaks or cracks. We start each roofing project with a roof inspection to understand your property requirements. For majorly damaged roofs, we replace them with high-quality roofing materials like shingle, flat, tile and others.

Adhering to California's climatic conditions and local building codes, we ensure proper coverage of the property with quality roof underlayment.To make roofing more affordable, our professionals offer financing options for roof with suitable choices like home loans and home remodeling customized to the size and shape of your building.

Choose Newhaus Roofing for every roof project in Silver Triangle.

Newhaus Roof Fixing Process

4 steps Roof Installation

  • Pre-Inspection

    Our professional roofing contractor thoroughly assesses the condition and requirements of your roof.

  • Roof Preparation

    Ensuring the surface is clean for installation, we carefully prepare the area before fixing for you convenient.

  • Installation

    Using skilled workmanship and high quality materials, we expertly install new roof to protect your valuble house.

  • Post Roof Installation

    To guarantee long-lasting performance, following the completion, we conduct final roof inspection.

  • Roof Inspections
  • Roof Repair
  • Finance
Testing Old Roofs

Advantages of Roof Inspections

There are many advantages of roof inspections for maintaining the longevity, safety and value of a property. Roof inspection are costly, to make it affordable we offer free roof inspections to detect the roof's condition in Silver Triangle. Book your advantage early for issue detection, extended roof lifespan, improved safety, protection of propertyand cost savings.
Repair Roof Damages

Roof Repair Roofing Solutions

Roof repairs are necessary to save costly replacements and maintain building protection. Our roofers at Newhaus Roofing offer expert roof repair solutions in Silver Triangle. Determining the extent of repairs, we fix roof leaks, damaged shingles, flashing problems, gutter issues, structural damageand other potential problems. After completing repairs, we quality-check repaired roofs to align and verify roofing standards. Choose Newhaus Roofing for quality roof repairs in Silver Triangle.
Support for New Roofing

Finance your Roofing

Finance your roofing project with Newhaus Roofing, as we understand it is a significant investment. Based on the size, shape, and design of your roof, our professional roofers assist in acquiring home equity loans, home remodeling loansor low-interest government loans. Ensure comfort during storms or fires by replacing the home's roof at most flexible repayment terms. Contact our roofing contractors for most suitable finance options.
Roofing Specialist in Silver Triangle
Roofing Services in Silver Triangle

Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial roofs are roofing systems installed on non-residential buildings such as offices, retail stores and warehouses. At Newhaus Roofing, we provide professional commercial roofing services in Silver Triangle, covering all types of buildings.

Understanding that every commercial building has different requirements that vary from shape, size, color or their local environmental needs. Based on various factors, we choose roofing materials like single-ply membranes EPDM, TPO, PVC, or metal roofing.

To prolong the roof's lifespan and prevent issues like leaks or deterioration, we accurately replace damaged roofs using advanced tools and technology. Professionally upgrade your commercial property's roof today with Newhaus Roofing in Sliver Triangle.

Professional Roofing in Silver Triangle

Residential Roof Expert

There are various types of residences, differing in size such as Single-Family Homes, condominiumsand bungalows. Our residential roofing experts are highly knowledgeable about the different roofing materials commonly used in residential construction like asphalt shingles, metal roofing, wood shakes, slate, tileand synthetic materials.

Choose Newhaus Roofing for all your residential roofing needs in Sliver Triangle.

Expert roofing Services in Silver Triangle

Effective Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance helps identify and restore minor issues before they escalate into major problems. A well-maintained roof protects your property from water damage and structural issues. Newhaus Roofing offers regular roof maintenance plans depending on your requirements. Our roofers use effective strategies for roof maintenance customized to your roof’s size and type.This tune-up will save future repair expenses and premature roof replacements. Schedule a roof maintenance by booking an online appointment with Newhaus Roofing in Los Angeles.
Problem Arises in Roofs

Common Roofing Problems

Homeowners and business property owners commonly face various roofing problems:

  • Inadequate Roof Ventilation
  • Defective Roofing Materials
  • Water Damage
  • Leaking Roofs
  • Improper Roof Flashing
  • Poor Installation
Roof Repair Services in Silver Triangle
Quality Gutter Replacement and Installation
Quality gutter replacement and installation

Roof Specialist in Sliver Triangle

Roofs play a major role in protecting against sunlight, rain, and maintaining the integrity of a building's structure, while also improving its appearance. With years of expertise, Newhaus is known as a Roofing Specialist in the Silver Triangle, providing quality gutter installation, relacement and other comprehensive roof-related services.

Our roofing contractors began with expert roof inspection to identify damages or cracks on the roof. With extensive knowledge of local building codes, we advise on choosing high-quality roofing materials, following all roofing construction norms.

To make the process more affordable, we provide financial roof assistance. Choose Newhaus Roofing for all types of roofing services in commercial and residential buildings.