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Tile Roofing Los Angeles
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Newhaus Roofing provides efficient roofing services in South Pasadena. We have been providing ideal roofing services in Los Angeles, CA since 1995. Our experts in South Pasadena are experienced in installations, maintenance and repairs for both residential and commercial buildings.

From initial inspection to final installation our team will work diligently to meet your expectations. In Los Angeles, Newhaus Roofing has over 26 years of experience and gives a free evaluation on roofs. Our experts stick to the rules and regulations and use only the quality roofing materials.

We are committed to offer you the best service and quality materials. Whether you are replacing an old roof or installing new roof, our excellent services provide you with a pleasing outcome.

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Effective Roof Installation

Our experts in South Pasadena help you with an effective roof installation service. We handle all types of roofing and provide best outcome in scheduled period. Our roofing specialist will precisely measure your roof to check the need and estimation. As we are concerned with your safety, we use high quality materials and fix temperature withstanding roofs.

Before installing, our roofing team will let you plan and prepare with the style. It help you with making informed decisions to fix the result. If there is a need for replacement the old roof must be first removed. We make sure to take care of every steps before new installation with wasting money and time. Service we provides will result in long-lasting durability. Our roofers in south pasadena will discuss with you work process and completion for your satisfaction. We provide outstanding results from underlayment installation to final placements.

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Roof Insulation Options


Fiberglass Insulation

Our roofing experts use this method to minimize the temperature.
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Cellulose Insulation

It is an eco-friendly option and efficient solution.
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Rigid Foam Insulation

We use this to resist moisture and show better performance.
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Commercial & Residential Roofing

At Newhaus Roofing we offer exquisite roofing services for both residential and commercial buildings. If you want your house to have an aesthetic appearance then Newhaus Roofing in South Pasadena will be the best option. Our roofing services will give you a wide range of choices while selecting your roof design.

Choose from a wide variety of roofing styles to fit perfectly to your building, whether it's a small home or large business space. Consult our expert team to learn more about the best possibilities to protect and beautify your property.

Tile Roofing Los Angeles
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Resolve Cracks or Damage

Seamless Roof Replacement

Our experts in South Pasadena are knowledgeable in roof replacements. The primary necessities for replacement are duration and condition of the roof. As the years increases the tiles will lose its capability and create recurring repairs. Cracks or curling will lead to water leakage and affect the roof. Our talented team will help you make a productive replacement with much durability.

Newhaus Roofing offer four types of roof replacement namely, asphalt shingle roofing which is the most desirable solution and resist the fire,rain and ice. Tile roofing which has long lasting effect and perfect fit within the building top area. Slate roofing has enhanced appearance as it was an environment friendly and flat roofing gives more space.

In every roofing type, you can trust our expert roofers in South Pasadena to complete your property's roofing services in the perfect time frame.

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Expert Roof Repair Specialist

At Newhaus Roofing we have expert roof repair specialist to take care of minor repairs in your roof to major changes. Our team uses qualified materials to repairing, replacing and new installations that results in durability and efficiency.

Newhaus Roofing provides with ecofriendly roofing methods that shows our excellence in this field. Our experts work attentively in finding repairs and correcting the roofs.