Roofing Contractors in Sun Valley

Leak Fixing Experts in Sun Valley
Roof Repair Specialist in Sun Valley

Roofing Contractors in Sun Valley

Repair your roof with Newhaus Roofing

Leaky Roof Repair Specialist

Sun Valley, California has a scenic environment with mountains and a beautiful community. It provides various welcoming opportunities for residents and outsiders to economically grow.

The place has bright sunny time throughout the year and roof damages mostly remain hidden. To quickly fix these issues, choose leaky roof repair specialist at Newhaus Roofing Company in Sun Valley.

With over 26 years of roofing experience, we professionally handle all types of roof leaks caused due to deteriorating underlayment, UV degradation and blisters for various roofing materials. We also conduct regular roof inspections.

Conveniently, you can schedule your roof maintenance. Following the roof building codes of Los Angeles, we offer new roof installations for your commercial or residential properties in Sun Valley.

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Local Roofing Contractor in Sun Valley

Safety is the foremost thing to consider during the roofing process. With a comprehensive understanding of all types of roofing materials, our local roofing contractor in Sun Valley offers durable roofing services.

Equipped with necessary safety equipment, our team is professionally trained to handle work safely from major roof repairs to roof installation and replacement.

Advantages of hiring a local roofing contractor:

Climate Expertise: Our contractors understand the specific weather conditions in Sun Valley and suggest best solutions to withstand the local climate.
Familiarity with Local Codes: With knowledge, we ensure that your roofing project complies with all local requirements to prevent potential issues and delays.

Trained Roofers for Comprehensive Solution

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Trained Skilled Roofers

Premier Roofing Solutions

By considering all factors based on the roofing industry in California, Newhaus Roofing offers premier roofing solutions in Sun Valley with;

  • Local knowledgeable roofing contractors
  • Trusted endorsed roofing quality
  • Workmanship guarantee
  • Transparent estimates & fair pricing
Multi-functional Roofing Expertise

Types of Roofing Services


Roof Installation

Accurately maximizing the space for long-lasting protection, we provide roof installation services.
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Roof Repair

For sustainable integrity, we offer routine roof repair by quickly identifying roof damages.
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Roof Replacement

Upgrade the roof's structures with durable materials through our reliable roof replacement services.
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Trusted Roofing Leaders

Residential Roofing Company

Every house has unique needs and preferences, depending on durability and homeowner’s choices. Our expert residential roofing company prioritizes workmanship to provide installation, repair and replacement for all roofs in Sun Valley.
From the initial inspection to the final safety checks and post-installation, we handle all types of residential structures for single-family houses and townhouses.
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Commercial Roof Installers

Commercial roofs are designed with low slopes to use the available space effectively for installations. Acknowledging this, our commercial roof installers at Newhaus Roofing suggest the best roofing material that requires minimal maintenance and withstands environmental challenges of Sun Valley.
As per business owner’s requirements, we offer commercial roofing services for various materials.
Professional Roofing Solutions

New Roof Installation

Installation depends on various factors such as the building's design, local climate, budget and aesthetic preferences.
Considering all the required factors, Newhaus Roofing offers new roof installation in Sun Valley for all types of roofing materials like flat roofs, tile roofs, shingle roofs, and more.
Our roofers have simplified the roof installation process into 3 steps from inspection to installation and a quick check to ensure safety. We suggest including energy-efficient roofing materials for your roofs to align with Sun Valley's sustainability.
Remodeling and New Roof Fixing
Certified & Skilled Roofing Contractors

Industrial Roof Maintenance

Sun Valley mostly experiences sun exposure leads to intense sunlight and UV rays that result in the degradation of roofing materials. To reduce the impact of expanding climatic conditions, we offer roof maintenance services for your commercial and residential properties.
We complete roof maintenance within the given timeframe to avoid inconvenience to your business hours or daily living life. During roof maintenance, we begin by cleaning the debris and dirt on the roof.
Using advanced roofing tools, we detect and assess the overall structural health of your roofs. With expert knowledge, our skilled roofing contractors in Sun Valley also provide industrial roof maintenance to manufacturing and warehouses sector.
Industrial Roof Maintenance Experts