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Experienced Roofing Contractor

At Newhaus, we have experienced roofing contractors who offer exclusive services at an affordable price. Our roofers are licensed and strictly adhere to all rules and regulations while roofing. We also offer warranties and insurance to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Our professionals at Newhaus Roofing are well-trained in roof repair, replacements, new installation and maintenance services. Our team follows the building codes issued by the government for roofing. We use high-quality materials for strong and stable roofs that last for many years.

Fix the Perfect Roofs

New Roof Installation

The new roof installation process involves:


Inspecting the building

We utilize drones to inspect the area and structures for roofing.
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Selection of materials

Depending on the requirements, we choose high-quality materials.
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Installing the roofs

Our experts are skilled in efficiently installing the roofs.
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Home Remodeling
Skilled Roofers in Torrance

Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial buildings require strong and often complex roofing due to their large area and height. We have professional roofers who can handle any type of roofing job, from minor repairs to extensive replacements.

We offer complimentary roof inspections along with free estimates for your roofing needs. Our roofers are skilled at identifying and effectively repairing issues such as water leaks and punctures at an early stage.

Roof maintenance is crucial for extending the life of roofs and avoiding costly replacements. Due to strong winds, shingles may break or become displaced. Our experts efficiently repair them, as well as any water leaks caused by heavy rain.

We select materials of the highest quality to withstand high temperatures and minimize heat transfer into the building.

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Roof Installer in Torrance

Residential Roofers in Torrance

Our residential roofers in Torrance offer a comprehensive range of roofing services, from repairs to replacements, with a focus on precision.

We carefully select roofing materials based on the durability and style preferences of our customers. Regular maintenance of roofs can prolong their lifespan and enhance their aesthetics.

High Quality Roofing Services

Advantages of Asphalt Shingle roofs

Asphalt shingle roofs offer numerous advantages, including affordability and easy installation. They come in a variety of styles and colors, allowing customers to choose customized roofs to suit their preferences. Our roofers use high-quality asphalt shingles to enhance durability and withstand harsh climates.
Energy Efficient Roofs

Flat Roofing Solutions

Newhaus Roofing provides outstanding flat roofing solutions in Torrance for both commercial and residential buildings. Additionally, we offer roof coatings for waterproofing and UV protection. Flat roofs create additional space for building owners due to their design. Our roofers also incorporate insulation materials to enhance the energy efficiency of the roof.
Residential Roofers in Torrance
Roof Repair Services in Torrance

Affordable Roof Repair Experts

Roof repairs can arise from climatic changes and the natural aging process of roofs. Cracks caused by hot climates can lead to water leaks, resulting in sagging. Strong winds may displace or remove shingles.
If these issues go unnoticed, they can lead to costly damages necessitating roof replacement. Structural damages to the roof deck can also occur. These repairs may vary in cost depending on the severity of the damage.
Our affordable roof repair experts offer quality repair services at reasonable prices. We use high-quality materials to increase durability and efficiency. Proper maintenance is essential to prolong the life of roofs and minimize damages.
Regular Roof Services

Tips for Roof Maintenance

  • Clean the Gutters: During snowfall, gutters can become clogged, preventing proper water drainage.
  • Regular Inspection: Our roofers offer regular inspections to detect issues at an early stage and repair them.
  • Seal the Cracks: Small cracks and holes in the roof can cause water leaks during rain.
  • Proper Ventilation: Air vents should be checked regularly to ensure moisture-free and cool roofs.
Residentials & Commercial Roofers

Gutter Installation Experts

Gutters are essential for draining water from roofs. Before installation, we inspect the roof area and select suitable materials such as aluminum, steel, and copper for better performance. Our roofers remove the existing gutters and attach the new ones. It's necessary to install the gutters with a slight downward slope to ensure proper water flow. Our gutter installation professionals have experience in both installation and maintenance.
Roof Restoration Services

Roof Restoration Process

Due to climatic changes such as heavy rain, strong winds, and hot temperatures, roof shingles can become damaged or displaced, leading to leaks. Roof restoration is necessary for roofs that have been in place for a long time and have significant issues.
We thoroughly inspect the roofs to identify cracks and leaks, and then seal them. The roof is cleaned and repaired before applying protective coatings to extend its lifespan.
Effective Roofing Solutions

Common Roofing Challenges

Climatic Changes

Harsh climates may extend roofing timelines, but we guarantee quality and efficiency in every project.

Material Selection

The use of poor-quality materials can render the roof unable to withstand hot climates.

Structural Problems

Structural deformation demands meticulous inspection and skilled roofers for effective roofing solutions.

Cost Management

We prioritize the use of high-quality materials to provide a durable roof at an affordable cost.
Newhaus Roofing Services

Top Roofing Company

Newhaus Roofing is a leading roofing company that offers a wide range of roofing services, from repairs to new installations. Our licensed contractors are skilled in handling every aspect of the roofing process, no matter how complicated.
With over 26 years of experience since 1995, our company is well-equipped to meet your roofing needs. Our professionals also provide the necessary insurances and warranties. We offer free estimates, and our team provides roofing services at an affordable price.
Roofing Services in Torrance